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Top 10 Tips on Web Design for Developers

Top 10 Tips on Web Design for Developers

The objective of developers involved in web designing is to make its presence online registered. The web design for developers thus is meeting the challenges of search engine optimization and social networking media recognition of the client website. To keep the client website ahead of its rivals the developers use the time-tested web designing method adding innovative touches to make it the choice of all.

Top 10 Tips on Web Design For Developers

  1. Learn the Basics of Web Design for Developers

Developers have to understand that web designing is one of the most difficult disciplines to master. The industry practices are evolving every day making it more difficult to find the best web design for developers. Developers have to learn the basics of web designing before they embark upon the designing process. The web designers need to understand the basic requirements for designing a winning website. The website should also have everything to attract the target audience adding to the traffic movement to the site.

Top 10 Tips on Web Design for Developers

  1. Make the Website Visible Online

The core principle to be followed in the case of web designing for developers is to make it visible to the vast online community that uses the Internet for many purposes. The website should not only be well designed but also contain all elements helping it to create a marked presence on the web. The contents displayed on the site should be such that it will be considered by the search engines as most relevant to the keywords/phrases used by the target shoppers. In such cases, your website will find a place at least only on the first result page displayed by the search engine if not at the top.

  1. Factors to take Care in Composition of Web Design for Developers

Major factors have to be taken care of in course of web designing by developers. Factors that influence deciding the composition of web design for developers are as follows.

  • The website design should be free of clutter so that contents displayed in it are easily comprehensible.
  • The website should contain several informative pages such as home, services by category, privacy policy, about the provider, and contact information on different pages.
  • Put a simple list of other pages on the home page with hyperlink for easy navigation to the desired page by viewers.
  1. Create Minimalist and Clean Website

One of the most important moves in web design for developers is to create a website with only essential information. These include the navigation menu, call-to-action, logo, taglines, and information on the product and services marketed by the owner of the website. The reason is that to be effective and functional the website has to be streamlined. The aim should be retaining only essential parts and shelving unimportant contents that only clutters the site created. A couple of steps to achieve this goal is limiting pull-out menus and avoiding the use of sidebars and sliders as they will only distract.

  1. Avoiding Boring Layouts is Important in the Web Design for Developers

Visitors to the website can be repelled if the layout of the website designed is boring. Developers should also eliminate secondary visuals as they may hurt viewers. Also, it is essential to avoid emphasizing the wrong elements on the site. A method to achieve the target of emphasizing the right elements is covering essential contents with negative spaces all around them. Another such function is using visual hierarchy in the website designed. An example is using a big and bold title at the top and tiny legal information at the bottom.

  1. Know what and How to Add Contents

It is only relevant and easy to comprehend contents on the website that can attract the targeted audience to the site. However, the task to be accomplished in web design for developers is to decide how the contents would be added to the website. This means the developer has to decide on priorities and present them in a way that would easily distinguish the priority elements on the website. Intelligent use of size, color, and placement and surrounding the contents with negative space can ensure appreciation of the target audience and inspire them to visit the site.

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  1. Home Page is Most Important in Web Design for Developers

Most important in web design for developers is the designing of the home page on the client website. Since this is the landing page for navigators it has to be designed most attractively so that it can easily impress the viewers.

The home page should contain priority items and hyperlinks for navigating to other pages. Usually, the developers place three elements on the home page of the designed website. These are the title, the comprehensive image of the product, and the call to action. All other secondary contents can only have their titles on the home page and hyperlinks.

  1. Website Designed should be Mobile Compatible

With the ever-growing use of mobile devices and especially smartphones the scenario has changed in respect of web design for developers. Gone are the days when web design was based on compatibility with desktop or laptop computers. Shoppers these days are using their Internet-enabled smartphones for viewing online shops and marketing. The challenge before the website developer is to make the site compatible with mobile devices and the operating systems used by them. Developers thus have to keep in view the limitations of smaller devices so that the users can carry out all online transactions using smartphones.

  1. Designing the Website Where Priority Items will be Viewed

The common practice of Internet users is that they rarely see all the contents on any webpage. Therefore, an important task in the process of web design for developers is to cater to such behavior of online viewers. The developer should design the website in such a manner that the priority items cannot be ignored once the viewer lands on the site. This means they should be placed in strategic points of the website that are usually accessed by the viewers.

  1. Design Multiple Copies of Website with Different Formations

For ensuring compatibility of the site with all Internets enabled devices and for putting the prioritized items in a way that they become must-view components for the users it would be good designing multiple copies of the website designed in different ways. The client will have options to choose the best fit for use. Before providing such alternatives to the client the developer should also check different formats for creating the best.

The above ten tips on web design for developers can be very useful as they can help in designing a rewarding website for their clients.